Help Taubman College Build Tomorrow: Hudson Matz's Story

With several architects in his family, Hudson Matz, B.S. ’22, was born with an appreciation for design. But growing up in the environmental activism climate of San Francisco, he also was interested in sustainability. He is pursuing a double major in architecture and environmental studies, with a concentration in sustainable city planning. “I’m interested in designing places that are self-sufficient, that will continue to last,” Matz says. “What’s the point of building something if you’re going to have to tear it down? I want to create spaces that minimize waste and improve the way people live.”

Outside of the classroom, Matz embraces the breadth of opportunities at the university, including the professional architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi and the club lacrosse team. “I could’ve gone to another school with an accredited five-year architecture program, but I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to pivot and try different things,” Matz says. “This is an amazing environment where we have the tools to create whatever we can imagine.”

Trying different things included a summer internship at YKH Associates in Seoul this year, which opened Matz’s eyes to the global possibilities of an architecture career. His scholarship gave him the flexibility to embrace such opportunities and expanded his network. “Having the chance to connect with successful alumni, especially in California where I want to practice, is very helpful,” says Matz of talking with Gordon Carrier, B.S. ’79, M.Arch ’81, a founding donor to Matz’s scholarship fund. “Knowing that he provides financial support and is genuinely interested in my career is incredible. It’s another example of how unique the Michigan connection is even after graduation.”

A gift to Taubman College supports the next generation of leaders in architecture and planning — including Hudson, the recipient of the Rocky Mountain and Western States Scholarship.