Taubman College Announces Annual Student Show and Willeke Prize Award Winners

A team of Taubman College faculty and alumni selected winners from the 2021-2022 Architecture Student Show. Faculty select projects that represent the best work by undergraduate, graduate, and post-professional architecture students from the fall and winter 2021 semesters. This year, the show entries were reviewed by teams of faculty and alumni in three groups. Each team awarded a total of $1,500 to the winning student projects, which were announced at an April 15 awards ceremony.

UG1, UG2, and UG3

Reviewers: Cyrus Peñarroyo, Taubman College; Sam Xu, M.Arch ‘14, Lake|Flato

Form, Situations, and Institutions

Reviewers: Claudia Wigger, Taubman College; Danielle Tellez, M.Arch ‘15, SHoP

Propositions, Systems, M.U.D., and M.S.D.M.T.

Reviewers: Dawn Gilpin, Taubman College; Omar Ali, M.Arch ‘15, Tulane University

Taubman College announced the winners of the Leonard B. Willeke Design Prize on the same day. The prize, judged by the Taubman College Alumni Council, is one of the most prestigious at the college; it recognizes design excellence and innovation through an annual portfolio competition.

Undergraduate Willeke Prize Winners

Graduate Willeke Prize Winners 

Thank you to all of the judges, and congratulations to all of the winners and participants.