Collaboration Between Taubman College and Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics Examines Wealth Inequality in the U.S.

With support from the U-M Arts Initiative, a collaborative project between U-M Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics and Taubman College faculty uses accessible narrative and visualization techniques to give an understanding of how extreme wealth inequality is in the U.S. The second half of the video is a thought experiment on what a redistributive wealth scenario could look like. Led by Fabian Pfeffer, Stone Center director, and  Kathy Velikov, professor and associate dean for research and creative practice at Taubman College, this collaboration between sociologists and architects aims to provoke discourse and debate on alternative possibilities.

M.Arch graduates Tessa Broek, Haiyu Zheng, Maddison Wong, Torri Smith, Alan Escareño, and Jonathan Levitske were involved in the production of the video over the duration of the project. Velikov and Pfeffer are working on a second video that will address housing inequality.

Readers can learn more on the project website and in a Michigan News article titled “U-M researcher: Cap personal wealth at $1 billion.”

Faculty: Kathy Velikov ,