Gradient Feed #3 Grapples with Infrastructural Inequities

Gradient has released Feed #3, “Infrastructures,” edited by Malcolm McCullough, professor of architecture; Cyrus Peñarroyo, assistant professor of architecture; Vyta Pivo, postdoctoral scholar and assistant professor of architecture; and Jono Bentley Sturt, lecturer in architecture. Gradient is an online platform that publishes current conversations in architecture and urbanism at Taubman College and beyond. The journal breaks from the traditional print medium and organizes in feeds rather than issues, leaning into the potential of digital media formats. Articles take advantage of the multimedia form and publish in a combination of images, video, text, and more.

According to the editors of Feed #3, “For far too long, major public works have been presumed to be inevitable and value-neutral. Academics, practitioners, and users claimed that infrastructures become visible only when they crumble and fail. In other words, infrastructures are meant to be invisible. We push against this long-held assumption and argue that infrastructures are not inherently invisible, but they are made to be invisible.”

Feed #3, “Infrastructures,” is available to read on the Gradient website.