Published: 03/15/2013

Project Term: 2013

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Makin’ It, A Situation Comedy

To test the fitness of our design for a platform house configuration, we ran a series of fictional scenarios on the use of the platform as domestic space. In the interest of conceptual efficiency the framework for these scenarios was the situation comedy (sit-com).  As it has historically operated, the sit-com genre seems the perfect vehicle for such an exploration, centered as it is on the home and family life; the sit-com offers a narrative structure commensurate with the ambitions of the platform house. Additionally, the sit-com is uniquely suited to be a vehicle for proliferating ideas about the domestic.

This project brings together two things: architecture and television in a show called Makin’ It, a situation comedy that follows the ups and downs of a family of architects and their struggle to find clients and projects. Drawing on the parallels between the working methods of architects and (film) directors as orchestrators of intention with an array of working collaborations, the project operates in an expanded field of design that includes delineation, writing, fabrication, filming, performing and editing and uses the situation comedy (sit-com) to reach a wide audience.

Support for this project was provided through the Taubman College 2013 Research Through Making Program.



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"Makin' It" - Act 3, Living Room