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National Organization of Minority Architecture Students

The National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS) University of Michigan, as a mission, strives to build a strong foundation from which our organization can thrive. Through service and the contribution of time and other efforts from its dedicated members, we are building strong individuals and local chapter who eagerly seek out relationships with other chapters as well as members and mentors of NOMA the professional organization.

NOMAS attempts to create a community environment in which students feel comfortable as valuable members of the larger University of Michigan Architecture community. NOMAS acquires strength through grappling with issues and concerns that affect our college and community. We hope to make our presence felt throughout the college, given our immense interest in improving the climate and environment of the college within which we learn and work.

As NOMA, our parent professional organization, contends "there is strength in numbers," we, too, hold this to be true, and thus we encourage our members as well as other individuals to raise their voices in asserting positive and effective change within the academic community and beyond.

NOMAS provides academic as well as non-academic support to its members, offering opportunities for peer project reviews in addition to reviews by professional architects and members of NOMA. Through this, students' design capabilities are cultivated, and they are given confidence and the assurance to continue pursuing a career in a field in which minorities are poorly represented. As an organization, we aspire to create a foundation from which strong, passionate leaders and designers can go forth and impact a positive change in our local community, as well as the larger community.


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