Urban Design Project Map overview

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Land is Worship

In our project, we have used the embodied approach through places of worship of a collective land constellation to explore the connection between our inner and outer landscapes. We have attempted to acknowledge and witness what needs to be seen in relation to the land for critical study. How can we begin to create clarity in the chaos without guilt or aggression? This project is titled kin-tempor and works within the same framework. Land can be rid of this scarring of lines through the practice of ‘kintempor’. Areas of hyper extraction can not be tolerated any longer. The land below craves worship – it creates a force of ‘kintempor’ so powerful, it erases all the delusional progress the Anthropocene has made on the land.


Jonathan Levitske and Shreya Vadrevu


Gabriel Cuéllar and Salam Rida