Published: 2010

/ Student Work

Planning for Detroit’s Tax-Reverted Properties: Possibilities for the Wayne County Land Bank


The Wayne County Land Bank can use the tools available to land banks to protect and increase property values; return vacant and abandoned property to productive uses; and strengthen, stabilize, and revitalize neighborhoods. A range of strategies exist for accomplishing these goals through managing the land bank’s property inventory, maintaining the property, and moving property toward reuse. Winner of the national AICP Student Project Award, 2008.


Dewar, Dueweke


Bailey, Fisher, Hoss, Khanna, Ledford, Lutenegger, Maurer


  • Community Partner: Coalition for a Detroit Land Bank
  • Location: Detroit
  • Pages: 71
  • Year: 2006
  • Topic: Housing + Community Development, Environment + Land Use, Urban Design + Physical Planning

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