Bachelor of Science in Urban Technology


/ Urban Technology Student

Odiso Obiora

San Fransciso, California

Degree Program(s)
Urban Technology

Graduation Date
May 2025

Can you describe your experience with the faculty and fellow students?
I’ve overall had a really great time just being a part of the program. Faculty, especially because this program is newer, are incredibly supportive and engaged, and passionate about a lot of the things that we’re learning. A lot of our faculty actually have been people from the field who are will you know take the time to teach our class and so all of it feels directly applicable. And as far as the other students, I think especially because the program a smaller, I’ve just become so close with them and some of my best friends are I’ve met through just being in my major which is pretty cool.

What do you value most about the program?
We take a look from the perspective of an urban planner, from the perspective of someone who does data and data science, the perspective of a designer, and just the ability to really shift into all these different perspectives and roles helps me kind of shape you know what my identity is professionally there’s an aspect of this wide bucket of urban technology and design and urbanism that really speaks to you. You are encouraged to really go for that and go after that, which has been cool.

What excites you about what you are currently doing?
Right now, all of it is coming together for me, which is really nice, I think, you know, your first few years, and this is true with any college program; you’re learning some fundamental stuff and some general stuff, and they’re kind of like different pieces and different information from different fields and now we get to sort of blend that and apply our own um sort of take on things which is really nice for everything that we’ve learned over time to start coming together and kind of giving us a general vision of how we’d apply Urban technology um so in studio courses we’re taking on projects we’re talking with real clients uh it’s all super cool right now.

What are your aspirations after graduation?
I’m interested particularly in how the Technology field can use sort of urban technology to be sort of more Humane and more human-centered technology and as well as an interest in service design and strategic design and so kind of blending those two fields together.