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Spring Travel Courses

All currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply.

Spring Travel Courses

Important Info:

To support the health and well-being of our Taubman community, we have suspended travel courses for spring 2021.



The spring travel courses are available to all U-M undergraduate architecture students as well as all graduate students during the spring or summer half term. These international travel courses are an essential part of Taubman College's course offerings, granting students the prospect of visiting other countries while gaining access to facilities, groups and individuals that might otherwise be closed to them. The college has established partnerships and faculty exchanges with other architecture programs around the world in order to promote a global cross-cultural exchange. Courses are selected, organized, and directed by individual faculty members who have an interest in a particular country, region, or city. This diversity of interests leads courses not just to the traditional locations of Europe but to the villages and global cities of the developing world-and provides each group of students with exciting and unique educational, research, and service opportunities. More than a quarter of the students enroll in travel abroad courses during their study. 

"Prior to entering the University of Michigan the only cities I had visited in my 22 years of life were San Diego and Cancun. After entering the University of Michigan in just 2 years I had visited Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Essen, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Paris, Caen, and Barcelona. I have been so fortunate."

Jonathan Hanna, B.S. ’15 and MUD ’16

"Traveling to Hong Kong, Hanoi, and Manila exposed me to an unimaginable collection of intense interactions between the human, architecture, and the city. We can read, discuss, and study images of these urban conditions remotely, but it is not until you step foot into these spaces that you really internalize the amazingly diverse ways in which human life operates within built space."

Henry Peters B.S.’ 18

"Being able to experience the architecture in Italy that I've studied in history is invaluable. I was able to learn from the masters through observing and touching the real thing."

Aimee Wolf B.S.’ 16, M.Arch. ’18

To get a more of a visual impression of what these courses are like, view images from our travel courses on social media. Please check out #taubmantravel on Instagram.

2020 Spring Travel Courses

View the complete 2020 Spring Travel Courses opening presentations.

Past Travel Course Offerings


  • Chile with Liz Gálvez
  • Italy with Brittany Utting and Daniel Jacobs
  • Mexico and Cuba with Laida Aguirre
  • Netherlands, Germany, and Russia with Peter Yi
  • United States with Jeffrey Halstead


  • Australia and New Zealand with Neal Robinson
  • Georgia, Armenia, and Ukraine with Ashley Bigham
  • Germany and USA (Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago) with Maria Arquero de Alarcon and Claudia Wigger
  • Germany, Switzerland, and France with Viola Ago
  • Japan with Peter Halquist
  • Mexico City with Yojairo Lomeli
  • Morocco, Algeria, and France with Brittany Utting
  • Portugal, Spain, Morocco, France, and Italy with Dawn Gilpin
  • Venice, Milan, Vienna, Prague and Berlin with Laida Aguirre
  • Paris, Geneva, and Venice with Sandra Manninger and Matias del Campo
  • Sri Lanka with Jono Sturt and Laura Anne Wong
  • New Mexico with Sarah Rovang
  • USA: Indiana, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, and California with Jeff Halstead


  • Mexico and Cuba with Dawn Gilpin and Yojairo Lomeli  |  Travel Blog
  • Japan with Peter Halquist |  Travel Blog
  • Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, and Austria with Erik Herrmann |  Travel Blog
  • New Zealand and Australia with Neal Robinson |  Travel Blog
  • Rio de Janeiro and Detroit with Anya Sirota and Anne Choike

View pictures from these courses on Flickr:

Taubman Travel - 2017


  • Italy with Neal Robinson
  • Japan with Tsz Yan Ng
  • Eastern Europe with Ashley Bigham  |  Travel Blog
  • Spain with Ana Morcillo Pallarés
  • Hong Kong, Philippines, and Vietnam with Cyrus Peñarroyo  |  Travel Blog

View pictures from these courses on Flickr:

Taubman Travel - 2016


  • Brazil with Mitch McEwen
  • Turkey with Kathy Velikov
  • Singapore and Hong Kong with Claudia Wigger
  • France with Clément Blanchet
  • Mumbai with Mary-Ann Ray  |  Travel Blog
  • Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark with Peter MacKeith  |  Travel Blog
  • Thailand with François Roche

View pictures from these courses on Flickr

Taubman Travel - 2015

U-M International Center

Visit the UM International Center website for information on additional travel opportunities available to students of Taubman College.

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