Physical Planning and Design Focus Area

This focus area prepares planners to contribute to the design, function, and sustainability of our communities. Students study scale, density, and the physical dimensions of different built structures, transportation systems, and infrastructure requirements. They learn about the different design philosophies and traditions that have influenced form, configuration, and the distribution of uses and users. Students also examine how real estate and development interests interact with planning to shape urban environments.

Coordinator: María Arquero de Alarcón

Primary Courses

  • URP 508, Spatial Thinking and Environmental Systems
  • URP 550, Planning Representation and Communication
  • URP 551, Physical Planning and Design Workshop
  • URP 595, Public-Private Partnerships – Financing Equitable Development

Secondary Courses

  • URP 544, Behavior and the Environment
  • URP 582, Neighborhood Revitalization Policy and Planning
  • URP 552, Healthy Cities: Planning and Design
  • URP 596, Fundamentals of Real Estate Development

Non-URP Courses

  • EAS 537 Urban Sustainability