Social Justice and Urban Development Focus Area

This focus area is for students interested in understanding the factors that perpetuate injustice and oppression in the way that cities, towns, and settlements are designed and constructed. Courses provide conceptual and analytical tools that professionals need to assess and address disparities and inequalities, along with developing a competence to sensitively work with diverse groups of people in planning and designing the built environment. The focus area prepares practitioners to address key economic, social, and political forces in collaboratively designing effective interventions to advance social justice.

Coordinator: Joe Grengs

Primary Courses

  • URP 580, Metropolitan Structure
  • URP 582, Neighborhood Revitalization Policy and Planning
  • URP 583, Race, Difference, and Social Justice

Secondary Courses

  • URP 523, Comparative Participatory Planning and Community Development
  • URP 561, Transportation and Public Policy
  • URP 570, Global and Comparative Planning
  • URP 573, Infrastructure Planning in the United States and Developing Countries

Non-URP Courses

Other relevant courses may be found in the School of Social Work, Public Policy and other fields. Here is a selected list:

  • PUBPOL 736, Poverty and Inequality
  • SW 504, Diversity and Social Justice in Social Work