Bachelor of Science in Urban Technology (Cross Campus Transfers)

Application Deadline:
February 1

First Semester:

/ How to Apply

Students applying to transfer from a different U-M Ann Arbor school/college should complete a minimum of 37 credit hours and a maximum of 70 credit hours during their first two years on campus, including all of the prerequisite coursework outlined below.

If accepted to the Bachelor of Science in Urban Technology program, students will begin their Taubman coursework in the spring semester.

This program is not currently available to transfer students outside of the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

/ Prerequisite Courses


Course Credits
1 English Composition/First Year Writing CourseOptions: ENG 124, ENG 125, ENG 126, History 195, Great Books 191, Comp. Lit 122, RCore 100, Slavic 151, ClCiv 101, ClCiv 121, or LHSP 125 4
2 LSA Social Science distribution requirement courses
Consult LSA Course Guide for options

3-4 each

6-8 credits

2 LSA Humanities distribution requirement courses
Consult LSA Course Guide for options

3-4 each

6-8 credits

1 LSA Race & Ethnicity distribution requirement course

Consult LSA Course Guide for options


1 of the following courses:

  • UT 101: Why Cities?
  • UT 201: Change-Making in Cities

Prerequisite options for SI 206

SI 106 or waiver; or EECS 182; or EECS 183; or ENGR 101; (C- or better)

SI 206: Data-Oriented Programming 4

Urban Tech Core Studio: UT 230 Design and Urban Inquiries



1 of the following courses:

  • UT 210: Insights from Ethnography… (2 credits)
  • AMCULT 325 / PSYCH 325 Detroit Initiative: Community Research (4)
  • ANTHRCUL 222 The Comparative Study of Cultures (4)
  • ENGLISH 126 Community-Engaged Writing (4)
  • SOC 122 / ALA 122 / PSYC 122 Intergroup Dialogues (2)
  • SOC 225 Project Community: Sociology in Action (4)
  • SOC 326 Theories and Practices for Community Action & Social Change (3)
  • WGS 350 Nonprofit Management, Community Engagement, and Feminist Practice (4)
Total Credits 37-43

/ Required Information

Statement of Purpose

Describe the unique qualities that attract you to the Urban Technology program at Taubman College. Tell us about a pressing urban issue that is meaningful to you and how the curriculum would help you address it? (500 words)

Submit via the University of Michigan Online Application

One Recommendation Form

One letter of recommendation is required from a U-M instructor (professor, lecturer or a graduate student instructor).

Applicants should instruct their recommender to send the Recommendation Form to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at


U-M transcripts and transcripts from other institutions where you have earned college credit (if applicable) will be supplied by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Advising Appointments

Prospective cross-campus transfers are highly encouraged to meet with a Taubman College Admissions Counselor as they prepare to transfer. Students may request an appointment at Taubman College by emailing

/ Paying for your Degree

Making decisions about the next step in your educational journey is a time full of opportunity and potential; however, it may also be accompanied by concerns regarding paying for your degree. There are numerous financial resources to help you manage tuition and living expenses.

/ Questions

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