Degree(s) Earned
M.S. ’18

Current Employer: CHA Consulting

Hometown/Country: New Delhi, India

Current City/Country: Indianapolis, Indiana

/ Alumni / Master of Science in Architecture Design and Research,

Swati Goel

Architectural Designer

“I loved the freedom to design and pick my own course, in order to explore my interests.”

Why did you choose Taubman College?

Taubman College’s high-ranking and one-year M.S. program made it everything I was looking for.

What are some projects that you have worked on recently?

I have worked on a couple of churches, but mostly institutional projects like the restoration of Walker Theater in downtown Indianapolis. I also have focused on the FedEx hub at the Indianapolis airport. My portfolio has been very diverse, and I truly enjoy collaborating on different types and sizes of projects. It allows me to work on everything from bollard drawings to signages and details.

How did Taubman College prepare you for your career?

Taubman College organized a week-long externship program to give students an idea of the architecture industry in the United States, which came in handy to me as an international student. We also had an annual career fair, ahead of which the students were trained on how to conduct ourselves and talk to professionals. Taubman College also organizes monthly lectures, which can be an opportunity to network.

What is an important lesson that has stayed with you from your time at Taubman College? 

Network! Reach out to professionals in the field, call them, or message them on LinkedIn. Ask for an informational interview. Send them follow-up emails and thank them for their time. If you want something, then go after it.