Term: Spring 2023
Section: 1
Class Number: 409
Credits: 3
Required: No
Elective: Yes

/ ARCH 409

Fascist Rome: Manipulating History (Italy)

Location(s): Italy: Rome

This travel course gives students the opportunity to be embedded in Rome for four weeks. The course examines the history of Rome’s urban transformations from antiquity to the present through the lens of the Fascist regime’s redesign of the city (1920s-30s). Moving backwards and forwards across time, we will explore how the regime’s interventions manipulated the historical layers of Rome’s built environment, from the city center to the peripheries. We will also consider the legacies of these interventions. Issues of demolition and reuse, restoration and appropriation, nationalism and imperialism, and displacement and migration will guide our study of the regime’s manipulation of the city’s urban form. Grounded in the careful analysis of Rome’s built environment via on-site lectures, site visits, and walking tours, photography will be the main method through which we will chart our explorations of the city. The final project will be a virtual exhibition of these images.

  • Department permission required to enroll. Permissions are only issued to those students who complete the balloting process and submit a deposit per program directions.
  • This course is cross-listed with ARCH 506. Undergraduate students must enroll in the ARCH 409 section.
  • This course does fulfill the architecture (300/400-level) elective requirement for the BS in Architecture degree.




Anna Mascorella