Term: Winter 2021
Class Number: 662
Credits: 6
Required: Yes
Elective: No

/ ARCH 662

Thesis Studio (2G4/3G7)

Thesis combines research and design under faculty-directed topics and foci. Individual thesis sections will offer opportunities ranging from self-directed student work to collective design and research on faculty-determined projects. Arch 662 is a studio course that constitutes the continuation and realization of the research and exploration initiated in Arch 660. The product of the thesis studio is a presentation and documentation of the thesis at the end of the winter term. Depending on the goals of the thesis section, Arch 662 may involve experience working closely with a client or organization.


Class instruction mode: Hybrid

Mon, Thu 1:00-6:00pm 3100 A&AB


Cyrus Peñarroyo Matias del Campo Julia McMorrough Keith Mitnick Mireille Roddier Tsz Yan Ng Jose Sanchez John McMorrough Perry Kulper Malcolm McCullough Gina Reichert