/ Lecturer,

Chanel Beebe


A Detroit native shattering artistic norms, Dr. Chanel Beebe is a dynamic force in both creativity and education. From oils and acrylics to digital mediums, her work not only captivates but fuels essential discussions on marginalized experiences.

Beyond the canvas, Dr. Beebe is a multifaceted individual – an activist, writer, researcher, and educator. As the visionary Founder and CEO of Beebe Arts LLC, she intertwines creativity with a mission for social and educational equity, sparking discussions that resonate globally. Driven by a passion for nurturing critical and social consciousness, she holds both a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from Purdue, accomplishments recognized through her status as a Gates Millennium Scholar and Ford Foundation Fellow.

In the realm of academia, Dr. Beebe serves as an Intermittent Lecturer at the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture, guiding Urban Technology students through the intricacies of Design Research. Her role as a “socio-technical activist” and educator extends beyond the classroom, as she pioneers the integration of design thinking and research methods, seamlessly blending formal training with expressive art and community building. From informal urban spaces to international platforms, Dr. Beebe challenges norms, champions inclusivity, and educates through the potent lens of her dynamic creations.

As a freelance consultant, she continues to shape narratives and perspectives. Explore more about her and her transformative work at ChanelBeebe.com.