Dan Weissman Featured in Architectural Lighting Online

Dan Weissman, current 2G architecture student, has been featured in an article in the Nov/Dec 2008 issue of Architectural Lighting. Described as a “young visionary,” Weissman joined the high-profile Cambridge, Massachusetts-based lighting design firm Lam Partners in 2005. Soon after, he was recruited by Lam to assist teaching a core lighting course at the Boston Architectural College (BAC), which led to his realization that “a studio-like setting would be the best way to convey to students the phenomenological aspects of working with light…So Weissman did what anyone with energy and a touch of hubris would do: He designed his own series of ambitious lighting courses for the BAC, one on daylighting and one on electric lighting.” Coursework was made possible by a grant from the Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education, which Weissman and the BAC were awarded in the Spring 2007.

To learn more about Dan Weissman’s experience, knowledge, and ideas about lighting, read the article at Architectural Lighting Online.