Architecture Chair Tom Buresh Appointed Emil Lorch Collegiate Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning

Taubman College is pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Buresh as the Emil Lorch Collegiate Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning, commencing September 2009 for a three-year period. His appointment recognizes the significant contributions he has made to the profession and recently in providing outstanding academic leadership to the Architecture Program.

Last year, during his speech at commencement Tom Buresh uttered a single word: MATTER. This story summarizes his brilliance.

Tom’s contributions to the field of architecture and American pedagogy have been extraordinary. His design work with Danelle Guthrie has left an indelible mark in the profession and his work as chair of the Architecture Program has been unparalleled.

His nominators said:

“Like Emil Lorch, Tom Buresh came to Michigan to lead the department of architecture. His untiring dedication to the program and his ability to unite the faculty have increased the national standing of our college.”

“Tom’s work as an educator and administrator provokes us all to matter… in the discipline, in the profession, and, foremost, in the world at large.”

“He gently provoked critical questions that led me to imagine projects to best serve the students and the larger program.”

Under his watch:
1400 students have graduated from the Architecture Program
39 faculty new members were recruited
9 faculty members were promoted and tenured

The Executive Committee and Dean Monica Ponce de Leon are very pleased to announce Tom Buresh as the 2009-12 Lorch Professor.