Commercial appeal of U-M MiSo House showcased in EcoHome Magazine

The commercial and global appeal of University of Michigan’s MiSo House was highlighted in an Oct. 14, 2009 EcoHome Magazine article, “Solar Decathlon Projects Generate Cutting-Edge Technology.”

Taubman College Professor of Architecture Harry Giles spoke of his ongoing research on the Michigan Solar (MiSo) House, and how he has been approached by investors to mass-produce the modular home in Peru.

“The project has springboarded into another grant we’ve received for prefabricated modular housing for multifamily low-income development,” Giles told the magazine. “That’s the next generation in fabrication, concept, and development, and a lot of that involves the methods we tested and experimented with in the original MiSo House.”

The MiSo House was a 2005 contender in the Solar Decathlon, a government-sponsored competition that inspires energy-efficient homebuilding.

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