Emeritus Professor of Urban Planning Mitch Rycus authors mystery novel, The Noble Profession of Leaf Chasing

Mitch Rycus, emeritus professor of urban planning, will hold a book reading and signing at 6:30 p.m. Thursday March 4, 2010 at Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor to promote his second novel, The Noble Profession of Leaf Chasing. The story follows a detective’s and UM students’ attempt to solve the murders of two individuals, allegedly at the hands of each other. The victims are the grandchildren of two late nineteenth century Jewish astronomy professors whose participation in adultery, deception, and murder follows them throughout time and into future generations, raising the question, “Are the sins of the fathers visited upon the sons?” The publisher calls the book “A fascinating blend of philosophy, history, and religion.” Mitch Rycus is also the author of Rub up: Musings of a Navy Corpsman. For more information about the author, please visit here.