Leinberger provides encouraging advising about Des Moines city development initiatives

Taubman College Professor of Practice Christopher Leinberger, who specializes in real estate development, was featured in the New York Times‘ article, “In Des Moines, Downtown Revival Is a Team Effort,” on Feb. 16, 2010.

Offering that the city of Des Moines “was one of a growing number of cities that recognize the potential of downtown development, as well as the urgency of changing economic and political strategies to encourage it,” Leinberger expressed encouraging advice focusing on the coming together of a city in order to build and sustain a place of contentment.

Similar to successful, downtown-booming cities such as Salt Lake City, Denver, Dallas, Seattle and Chicago, Des Moines is, according to Leinberger, rightfully adopting development plans based on persuading residents and employers to cluster homes, jobs, school and stores rather than spreading them out.

As a city able to find and utilize a nonpartisan formula with which to make development decisions on taxes, infrastructure, parks and housing that support downtown construction.

Leinberger offered positive reinforcement to Des Moines developers, regarding the city’s expanding downtown as a “team effort.”

“Des Moines is one of those places that recognized that to pull off being a special place they can be proud of, people have to work together,” said Leinberger.

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