In their words: Travel studio students and faculty share their experiences in Taiwan, France, Japan, Iceland

International studios are an integral part of architecture, urban planning and urban design education, combining history, culture, community, place and design. International studios are hosted year round, with emphasis on spring and summer terms.

Faculty and students are blogging about their experience:

Made in Taiwan:

Faculty: Thom Moran, Rosalyne Shieh

Not your typical tourists:  Civic-Friche (France) studio
Faculty: Anya Sirota and Steven Christensen

Civic-Friche studio, at the Bibliotheque National

The poetic and elegant (and perhaps fictional) likely stories: Studio Japan conTEXT: writing (in) Japan, the spatial narratives
Faculty: Catie Newell

Hot spring and bicycle envy: Taubman College in Iceland

Faculty: Orri Gunnarsson

Spring and summer 2010 studios are held in the following locations lead by faculty and guests:

  • Barcelona – Adam Fure and Ellie Abrons
  • Beijing – Mary-Anne Ray
  • Camino de Santiago – Ellen Donnelly
  • France – Anya Sirota and Steven Christensen
  • Iceland – Orri Gunnarsson
  • Japan – Catie Newell
  • Rome – Stephanie Pilat
  • Taiwan – Thomas Moran and Rosalyne Shieh
  • Washington DC – Chris Leinberger

All courses are for 3 credit hours. Detailed travel schedules for the studios are included in the details about the individual studios. For more on the current travel studios, visit: