Architecture faculty present at the 99th ACSA Annual Meeting, “Where do you stand?” in Montréal March 3-6, 2011

University of Michigan Taubman College faculty will present papers at the 99th ACSA Annual Meeting, “Where do you stand?” in Montréal, Québec, Canada, March 3-6, 2011.

The conference provides a venue to articulate, develop, and question where architects stand with respect to thinking and doing in architecture. As the conference organizers describe, “The demand for a wider agenda for modern architecture, introduced to the discipline in the 1950s and followed by Postmodernism’s demands for greater diversity, has left the discipline open – wide open – perhaps too open. Free from the universalist, utopian confines of Modernism, and working in an intellectual context that embraces a more complex conception of contemporary reality, architects are now not only free, but required to interpret and, indeed, choose their position relative to this expanded field. With such choice comes the responsibility to ask: Where Do You Stand?”

University of Michigan architecture faculty presentations include:

  • Amy Catania Kulper/Scientism: The Breeding Ground for Current Architectural Trends – or – Towards an Architectural Monoculture
  • Robert Adams/The Asclepius Machine: Spontaneous Genetic Mutation
  • Mireille Roddier/Sapere Aude!
  • Kristina Luce/Enacting Transcendence: Design Then and Now
  • Maria Arquero de Alarcon, Jen Maigret/ Water, Water Everywhere
  • Meredith Miller/Spheres, Domes, Limits, Interfaces: The Transgressive Architecture of Biosphere 2
  • Jesse Lecavalier/Business with Pleasure
  • Kathy Velikov will chair a panel on Architecture’s Responsive Extensions.

In addition to the paper presentations, Dean Monica Ponce de Leon will join recently appointed deans, Michael Speaks, University of Kentucky and Sarah Whiting, Rice University, extending their discussions at the 2010 West Central Fall Conference about surprising practices in design education and how-to advice on counter-intuition and design intelligence.Moderator: Robert Somol, Director of the Architecture School, University of Illinois at Chicago

The meeting is hosted by McGill University and Université de Montréal and chaired by: Alberto Pérez-Gómez, McGill University; Anne Cormier, Université de Montréal; and Annie Pedret, University of Illinois Chicago.

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