Exhibition "City of Pieces: Street Interventions" displays Assistant Professor Newell's "Weathering" and "Salvaged Landscape"

Exhibition “City of Pieces: Street Interventions” displays Assistant Professor Newell’s “Weathering” and “Salvaged Landscape”

The work of Assistant Professor of Architecture Catie Newell is on display at the University of Michigan’s Work: Detroit gallery exhibition City of Pieces: Street Interventions. Newell’s projects, “Weathering,” and “Salvaged Landscapes,” both large-scale alterations of abandoned houses in Detroit, are featured in the exhibition. Inspired by the work of Tyree Guyton, visionary of The Heidelberg Project in Detroit, City of Pieces showcases the work of street artists and photographers outside of traditional art venues in Detroit. Featured are visionary design proposals for the future Heidelberg Cultural Village, as well as large-scale outdoor sculpture projects created by Art & Design students for the Heidelberg Installation Studio. Curated by Beth Diamond, Assistant Professor at UM’s School of Art & Design and School of Natural Resources and Environment, the exhibition runs from October 21 – November 8, 2011.

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