Professor Robert Fishman to Discuss Downtown Flint in "Downtown Futures" – Friday, October 12th

Professor Robert Fishman to Discuss Downtown Flint in “Downtown Futures”  – Friday, October 12th

Across the country, a city’s health is often judged by its downtown. But in many formerly industrial cities such as Flint, the form and function of downtown – and its relation to its surrounding neighborhoods and the region – has changed dramatically in recent decades. What are the challenges and opportunities for downtown revitalization in Flint and other similar cities? How do cities ensure that downtown development supports neighborhood development?

On Friday, October 12, join Flint Public Art Project outside Genesee Towers (a modernist office tower slated for demolition) for an evening of events about the future of downtown called “Downtown Futures,” from 7-8pm, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design Robert Fishman and PhD candidate in American Culture Stephen Wisniewski join downtown developers and neighborhood activists from Flint and Detroit for a panel discussion. From 8-11pm, Windsor-based veterans of the Detroit electronic music scene Kero and Annie Hall spin tracks and install projection mapping work onto the Genesee Towers.

DOWNTOWN FUTURES is a Panel Discussion and Art Installation. This event will take place from 7-11pm, 1st Street between Saginaw and Harrison, downtown Flint. Free and open to the public.

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