Architecture faculty and graduates present at ACADIA 2013 Conference

Architecture faculty and graduates present at ACADIA 2013 Conference

Taubman College faculty and Master of Science graduates will present papers and projects at the ACADIA (Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture) 2013 Annual Conference, held at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, on October 24-26 2013.

The ACADIA 2013 Conference, entitled “Adaptive Architecture,” will bring together international designers, researchers and practitioners who are undertaking experimental research and projects that focus on computational design of environmentally responsive, intelligent, interactive, and reconfigurable architecture.

Taubman College faculty will be presenting a diverse range of research projects. Two graduates from the Master of Science in Material Systems (MS_MS) are also presenting their research work from the program:

  • Peter von Buelow (Associate Professor): Techniques for More Productive Genetic Regeneration
  • Geoffrey Thün (Associate Professor) and Kathy Velikov (Assistant Professor): Adaptation as a Framework for Reconsidering High-Performance Residential Design: A Case Study
  • Sean Ahlquist (Assistant Professor) and Achim Menges: Frameworks for Computational Design of Textile Micro-Architectures and Material Behavior in Forming Complex Force-Active Structures
  • Ian Maxwell, Wes McGee (Assistant Professor), and David Pigram: The Novel Stones of Venice
  • Tom Bessai (MS_MS 2013): Bending-Active Bundled Structures
  • Steven Beites (MS_MS 2013): Morphological Behavior of Shape Memory Polymers Towards a Deployable, Adaptive Architecture

Visit the ACADIA website for more information about the event.