Holder and the LADG’s Oyster Gourmet in LA Times and LA Eater

Holder and the LADG’s Oyster Gourmet featured in LA Times and LA Eater

Assistant professor Andrew Holder and his firm, Los Angeles Design Group, recently unveiled the Oyster Gourmet, a unique kiosk in Los Angeles’ Grand Central Market. Oyster Gourmet was well-received, and has garnered attention from the LA Times and the Los Angeles Eater. The kiosk, owned by Christophe Happillon, finally saw the light of day after well over a year of gestation. At first glance, Oyster Gourmet appears to only be a wooden, round stall. But, with a few cranks from within, the structure bursts open, dramatically spreading its wings and inviting diners to sample the oysters, clams, shrimps, and assorted seafood Happilon has prepared. The contrast between incredible openness of the activated stall, and the intense shrouding of the closed stall makes for a fascinating social space, with Happilon cast as the real-life pearl in the center of the oyster.

Christophe Happillon and designer Claus Benjamin Freyinger raise the shell at Oyster Gourmet for the first time. Photo courtesy Russ Parsons/Los Angeles Times.

Oyster Gourmet made its public debut on October 29th, at a private event for the American Institute of Architecture Los Angeles. More information on the kiosk can be found in Russ Parsons’ LA Times article.