Taubman College students earn awards at the UM/ULI Real Estate Forum

Taubman College students earn awards at the UM/ULI Real Estate Forum

Urban Planning and Architecture students competed for a range of awards at the 28th Annual UM/ULI Real Estate Forum held November 19, 2014 at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan. The Jeff Blau Essay Competition awarded five, $1,000 scholarships for graduate students who submitted essays adressing Detroit’s development and how real estate professionals might get involved and work to advance the the city’s growth. The Jeff Blau Essay Competition was won by Diego Horna Munoz, (M.S./M.U.P. at the School of Natural Resources); Samantha Farr (M.U.P.); Adam Kokenakes (M.U.P.); Brian Rassel (M.B.A.); and Kevin Swanson (M.Arch).

Another event, the fourth annual Urban Restoration Case Competition, was based on an actual Brownfield in downtown Detroit sourced from a developer/advocacy group. This location is being prepared for redevelopment within the next two years and has the support of the developer/advocacy group. The objective is to create a business case for your selected redevelopment scenario. First prize, $4,000, was won by Clarke Lewis (M.Arch. and Real Estate Development Certificate); Dang Duong (M.B.A. and JD); Matt Biglin (M.Arch); and Di Wu (M.Arch). Second prize, $1,000, went to Katrina Chaves (M.U.P.); Kevin Swanson (M.Arch); Brett Von Bergen (M.B.A.); and Justin Kubassek (M.B.A.). More information on the Forum can be found here: