Herscher Publishes New Book "Displacements: Architecture and Refugee"

Herscher publishes Displacements: Architecture and Refugee

Associate Prof. Andrew Herscher’s book, Displacements: Architecture and Refugee, has just been published as the ninth book in Sternberg Press’s Critical Spatial Practice series. In architectural history, just as in global politics, refugees tend to exist as mere human surplus. With respect to the refugee, then, architectural history has remained enmeshed in the exclusions of the nation-state, which poses refugees as people out of place. Opening up an architectural history of the refugee, Displacements examines the usually disavowed but nevertheless decisive intersections of architecture and mass population displacement through the course of the 20th century and into the present. Approaching the refugee as the collective political subject of our time, Displacements opens up new architectural histories around new spaces and new historical protagonists.