Taubman Student Awarded Jonathan Speirs Scholarship

Apoorva Jalindre, an M.S. Architecture Design and Research thesis student, is the recipient of a 2018–2019 Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund award. For the past six years, the Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund has been providing an award of £10,000 to promising students worldwide who are studying light and architecture.

Apoorva is from India but moved to New York City in 2014 and has been in Michigan since 2016. In the recent Taubman College Student Show Awards, she won the Alumni Council’s Second Place/Post-Professional Award, along with her teammates, Maryam Alhasiri, Yi-Liang Ko, Ester Loj, and Shan-Chun Wen. Apoorva hopes to work in an architectural lighting firm in the Detroit area after graduation.

Courtesy of Apoorva Jalindre

The Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund is a United Kingdom-based nonprofit named for Dr. Jonathan Spiers, a pioneering lighting designer who died in 2012. The funding provided by the Speirs Scholarship Fund is intended to encourage students interested in architectural lighting design. To read about past winners, visit