Sturt Receives Honorable Mention in Blank Space Project's Fairy Tales 2019 Competition

Lecturer in Architecture Jono Sturt has received an honorable mention in Blank Space Project’s 2019 Fairy Tales competition. Blank Space is an online platform for architecture founded in 2013 that organizes projects, publications, and competitions that highlight the importance of communication in architecture. The Fairy Tales competition is an annual writing contest for short stories and other creative content about current events; entries engage with topics ranging from climate change to immigration. The contest is judged by a panel of architects, storytellers, and designers.

In addition to naming first, second, and third place winners, nine honorable mentions were awarded by the judges. Sturt’s piece, “Road Home,” traces a philosophical conversation over the course of a road trip. The story is punctuated with illustrations of the characters’ environment and their musings and can be read at

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