Collaboration Between Taubman College and Stone Center Examines Housing Inequality and Justice in the U.S.

Kathy Velikov, associate dean for research and creative practice at Taubman College and professor of architecture, and Fabian Pfeffer, Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics director, have released the second of a two-video series that explores the divides in housing access and radical new approaches and solutions at different scales to make quality housing available for all.

The project was undertaken collaboratively by Velikov and Pfeffer with a team of students from Architecture and Sociology. M.Arch graduates Tessa Broek, Minghui Li, Jordan Zauel, Jonathan Levitske, and Torri Smith collaborated on the conceptual development for the video and undertook the production work on the animation graphics, video editing, and interviews. Sociology Ph.D. students Jasmine Simington and Sophia Hiltner collaborated on content research and interviews. The work was supported by the U-M Arts Initiative grant program.

The first video in the series focused on wealth inequality in the U.S.

Faculty: Kathy Velikov ,