Help Taubman College Build Tomorrow: Martin Rodriguez Jr.’s Story

During the pandemic, Martin Rodriguez Jr., M.Arch ’25, moved from Houston, Texas, to Berkley, Michigan.

“I was doing commercial and hospitality design, and I knew exploring new techniques and ideas would help me be more creative in my work,” Rodriguez says. “I was interested in adaptive reuse architecture design and wanted to explore new things. Living in Michigan, I went to Detroit often, and I started to see many cool things that were all leading me to Taubman.”

“The master of architecture program at Taubman provides a space to experiment with different forms of representation to rethink how we see architecture and the built environment,” says Rodriguez, who has been flexing his creativity through projects like “Rodeo, My Gay Rodeo,” in which he created “a queer space for inclusiveness, community, and equality to celebrate shared Southwest American passions and interests.”

Rodriguez is the first in his family to receive two higher education degrees. Supporting himself throughout his academic career has often meant working multiple jobs. He’s grateful for this time to focus on his studies and the scholarship that has made it possible.

Rodriguez is a Taubman Scholar and recipient of the AECOM Architecture and Urban Planning Scholarship. “The funding helped me decide to accept the offer and provided me the opportunity to continue my education,” he says.

A gift to Taubman College supports the next generation of leaders in architecture and planning — including Martin.