Published: 01/01/2013

Project Term: Planning 2011-2012, Realization 2013

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Dr. Junghans was the leading engineer on the office building project Concept 22/26 in Austria. The introduced building concept goes beyond the conventional high performance building discussion by introducing an office building without any active systems for heating, cooling and ventilation. In an intensive collaboration between the worldwide known architect Dietmar Eberle and Dr. Junghans, the building envelope was improved to a level of performance where no active systems are needed any longer. The innovative building automation is the heard of the building energy concept. It controls the natural ventilation openings based on the internal carbon dioxide concentration, temperature levels and the occupant demands.

The building is accomplished in the middle of July 2013. Data in extreme external temperature periods are illustrating that the room temperatures are in the comfort field at every weather condition. The award winning building achieved international recognition.


Lars Junghans

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The realized 22/26 building in Lustenau/ Austria