Published: 03/15/2013

Project Term: 2013

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Platform for Architecture

The focus of this project is not material (though materials are used), nor is it construction (though it is constructed). Rather, this project concentrates on architecture’s capacity to make space through means of configuration and representation. By making one thing (architecture) into many (a space, a set, a production, an installation, and a show) the project has a number of incarnations and various afterlives.  

The platform house proposes a way of living that is not a collection of discrete and enclosed rooms, but is organized around interaction with a single horizontal plane. All of the activities comprising life in a house (eating, cooking, washing, writing, reading, playing, etc.) occur at, or on, this surface.  The home and the domestic setting, while subject to the most prosaic of considerations, is at the same time grounds for the most fantastical avant-garde imaginations of what could come next. Our concept for a platform house works on the issues of inhabitation in relation to questions of configuration and use.

Support for this project was provided through the Taubman College 2013 Research Through Making Program.


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