Published: 02/01/2013

Project Term: 2013

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Triple Shadow Double Frame

The Triple Shadow / Double Frame is a combination sculpture / learning device intended to inspire wonder about the perception of light and space, and enable young people to relate the abstract notion of geometry (through the study of mathematics and geometric projection) to their immediate experience of the physical environment. The form of the structure appears to transform as one observes it from different perspectives, resembling the outline of a pair of two-dimensional houses from one angle, and separating into a three-dimensional rectangular volume of empty space from another. At the base of the structure, three shadows overlap (the actual shadow and two traced in concrete) to demonstrate, like a sundial, how the passage of time and dynamics of light and shadow may be recorded in static materials.

There is an educational component to the project, in the form of four distinct lesson plans, held yearly with the sudents, each with a conceptual and artistic component related to common pedagogical themes that successively build upon one another and may be taught at different levels.

The project is located at Mills Lawn Elementary School, Yellow Springs, Ohio.


Mireille Roddier Keith Mitnick

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Project credit: Mitnick-Roddier