Published: 03/01/2021

Project Term: 2021

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Triptychs, Domes + Still Life(s)

The work implicates worlds in other worlds, augmenting homogeneous ideational frameworks and using representation, generatively. TD+SL(s) leverages characteristics, analogously, present in many Netherlandish triptychs, in Baroque churches and in Dutch Golden Age still life paintings, as grist for discursive, representational and design mills.

Netherlandish triptychs weave plausible continuities across three panels, introducing differences that suggest, and might betray, expected forms of legibility. Baroque churches, especially ones with painted ceilings and domes, make ‘here and there’ possible, mixing temporalities and geographies. Dutch Golden Age still life paintings frequently fold things that normally don’t belong together, curiosity cabinet-like, structurally—things like a musical instrument, an umbrella, a lobster, and exquisite wine goblet, for ex.; while including ‘things’ that don’t appear to belong to the still life world—a reflection in a goblet that discusses something of another world.

Ultimately, the project wonders what spatial and representational realms might discuss, how much might they leverage, and to which audiences might they use an evidentiary field of clues to produce possible metaphorical crimes. TD+SL(s) does so by repurposing paintings and architectures that had such capacities in the past, now retooled to augment their respective and collective durabilities.


Perry Kulper

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Ryoanji, Reconstructed: Scroll Overlays