R+D Awards

/ Architect Magazine R&D Award Winners

Presented by ARCHITECT magazine, the annual Research + Design Awards program honors the research and technologies that have advanced the profession at every scale—from design strategies and building products to fabrication methods, installations, software, and materials. Taubman College faculty have won awards for the following projects:

/ 2022 R+D Awards

Project – R+D Award: Long Range Glass
 Wesley McGeeCatie Newell

/ 2018 R+D Awards

/ 2016 R+D Awards

/ 2015 R+D Awards

Project – Citation: Radical Railbanking

Faculty: McLain Clutter

/ 2014 R+D Awards

Project – Award Winner: Afterhouse (video)

Faculty: Steven MankoucheJono Sturt

Project – Citation: C-Lith (video)

Faculty: Anca TrandafirescuGlenn Wilcox

/ 2013 R+D Awards

Project – First Award Winner: Morphfaux

Faculty: Steven Mankouche, Matthew Schulte

Project – Award Winner: Electroform(alism) (pdf)

Faculty: Anya Sirota

/ 2011 R+D Awards

Project – Award Winner: Stormglass

Faculty: Craig Borum

/ 2010 R+D Awards

Project – Award Winner: Digital Steam – Bending

Faculty: Steven MankouchePeter von BülowTsz Yan Ng, Josh Bard

Project – Award Winner: Shadow Pavilion (video)

Faculty: Karl Daubmann, John Marshall

Project – Award Winner: North House

Faculty: Geoffrey ThünKathy Velikov