Published: 2011

/ Student Work

Across Grandview Parkway: Strengthening Connections Between Downtown and the Bay


This plan presents a study of Traverse City’s downtown and investigates how the connection between the downtown and the waterfront might be strengthened through urban design and programming. Grandview Parkway, the city’s major thoroughfare, establishes both a physical and psychological barrier between downtown and the waterfront. The city is located along the southern shore of West Grand Traverse Bay in northwest Michigan, and residents are deeply attached the area’s natural beauty. The demolition of the waterfront power station has returned a substantial portion of the the waterfront back to the City. In part, this student project was part of a larger community initiative to plan for the community’s future. The products of the student project were a thorough character study of the downtown and a set of design guidelines for the Garland Hall district. These products required investigating the existing conditions, identifing pivotal areas of opportunity and recommending alternatives to enhance pedestrian connectivity to the waterfront. A camera study was used as a public participation tool to engage residents in identifying desirable character and elements within their community.




  • Location: Other Michigan
  • Pages: 124
  • Year: 2006
  • Topic: Urban Design + Physical Planning, Economic Development

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