Published: 2012

/ Student Work

An Assessment for the Genesee County Land Bank’s Rental Housing Program 2005-2008


The Genesee County Land Bank rents houses to provide residents of tax-foreclosed properties with the opportunity to remain in their homes. The rental housing is well maintained. Although rents appear to be below those of other properties in the same areas, the rental program has enough rental and sales revenue to be self-sustaining. The Land Bank could strengthen the program by developing a long-term strategy for property management and maintenance and separating the accounts for the rental program from those of other activities so that the Land Bank can see the financial performance more easily.


Jarrett, Leslie


Deng, Dewar


  • Community Partner: Genesee County Land Bank
  • Location: Flint and Genesee County
  • Pages: 34
  • Year: 2009
  • Topic: Housing + Community Development

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