Street view perspective of architecture building 2

Published: 2023

/ Student Work


“Why do I tell you how I feel, when you’re just looking down the blouse?”

Fueled by the misogyny and objectification faced by female-identifying persons, Blouse aims to create a safe space of community and protection. Blouse is a site composed of an exhibition space, library, bathhouse, and short-term women’s shelter.

With building forms ripping through topography, Blouse allows visitors access to protected and exposed viewpoints. Visitors will understand the fear and exposure that women feel in a city. Blouse plays with the idea of where one is “allowed” to walk. With raised trails ebbing and flowing– visitors must decide where they can travel to on this Ann Arbor located site. Stemming from the song Blouse by the artist, Clairo, Blouse is titled with an inherently gendered word. Blouse seeks to reclaim the idea of femininity and add a strength and community aspect to it. Blouse is feminine and is a place to reclaim strength.

“If touch could make them hear, then touch me now.”


Leah Altman


Keith Mitnick