Published: 2012

/ Student Work

Building a Community-Based Sustainable Food System: Case Studies and Recommendations


The current global food system, while highly efficient in production, has generated many undesirable social and environmental impacts. This project uses the term “community-based” instead of local to emphasize a regional perspective and connect food production with economic and community development. Research for the project focuses on 15 North American case studies, each of which highlights a sector of the food system that incorporates sustainable practices. Special attention is paid to Detroit, Michigan in an effort to understand how changes to the food system could encourage greater availability of healthy, affordable food and also serve as an economic development tool in the city.


Arndt, Cheney, Cohen, Craddock, Etkin, Greeley, Moriarty, Posavetz, Sanders


Larsen, Dueweke


  • Community Partner: Fair Food Foundation
  • Location: Other U.S.
  • Pages: 63
  • Year: 2009
  • Topic: Economic Development, Environment + Land Use

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