Isometric birds eye view of buildings

Published: 2023

/ Student Work


E-CO-LIVING is a community re-activation based in Jefferson Chalmers District in Detroit, demonstrating our proposals for shared community lives that are economical, efficient, and ecologically harmonious. We start by proposing to address the flooding problems by collecting and recycling water for living use. Then, we dig into landscape types to achieve that simultaneously maximize the area of green land and increase innovation by adding penetrable pavements and walkways. For the apartment design, we also stick to our concepts and proposed a 6ft*6ft modular CLT-prefabbed-residential building at a comparatively affordable price. And the unit types range from studio to 4B, while each unit has its balconies, and completely open fluid public spaces to get close to more enjoyable lives. Hanging hallways, roof gardens, and double-skin facades with water-collecting pots are detailedly included in our proposals and applied practically in the final shaping.


Linhao Luo, Ling Jin, and Wenyi Zhang


Claudia Wigger, Craig Borum