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Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Hiking & Trail Service Center

Natural environments are associated with a variety of health benefits, especially relating to mental health issues. With the increasing spread of human development, modern recognition of the value of natural environments has resulted in artificial natural landscapes like parks, trails, and the like. The Hiking & Trail Service Center is designed not necessarily to imply or solve any problems with these circumstances, but rather to highlight the duality of the relationship between humans and nature by being a two-faceted facility that supports both the wellness of people and the wellness of its surrounding natural environment. Its public-facing program is a hiking preparation center that offers various services and spaces that make the natural environment more accessible, such as changing rooms, stretching rooms, forest therapy groups, equipment rental, etc. Its non-public program is a warehouse for trail materials and a workshop for workers to discuss work to be done on existing trails, design new trails, and other tasks necessary to maintain the outdoor activities that the facility supports.


Anna Jia


Yojairo Lomeli