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Published: 2023

/ Student Work

It Takes A Village

In our conversations with the Ann Arbor Housing Commission and Avalon Housing, it was clear that affordable housing for families and long-term renting residents was the number one need. Our project tackles this problem by proposing a framework specifically designed for renting families. Blending a rowhouse typology – highly valued but typically found in denser cities – with protected shared space and integrated family services, the proposal imagines collective living with the dignity of home ‘ownership.’ Every unit has its own facade and exterior entry with direct access to the embedded “plus space,” fostering connections across family units without sacrificing routine and privacy. These micro-communities then scale up across the site, retaining walkability and accessibility as they spill into a central boulevard connecting to the AAHC offices and community center. Furthermore, the modular construction and simple but elegant detailing keeps the initial building costs low to meet affordability goals.




Nathanael Nelson, Gabbie Ragano and Margaret Jane Gies


Ellie Abrons and Meredith Miller