Isometric rendering of sport complex

Published: 2023

/ Student Work


The hall has taken over an abandoned Kmart building in St Clair Shores, MI which is a not dignified suburban big box shopping center. Our proposal for this site is to combat suburbia through a physical activity center that allows for social interactions, creative expression, and childlike inventiveness through the form of sport. Seven different types of court lines cover the floor of the structure, allowing different sports to interact with each other while the existing columns and trusses serve as a grid system creating fifteen unique 10,000ft^2 spaces. Modular programs such as bathrooms, bleachers, storage, and entryways are attached to the trusses as a track system and essentially serve as a train that moves along and surrounds each of the fifteen different halls. Families and community members have access to the equipment used for each sport as they invent new rules and ways of playing in one space together.


Brianna Manzor, Blaise Gimber and Christine Scerbak


Adam Miller