Published: 2016

/ Student Work

Moving Forward in NorthTown


The Arab American and Chaldean Council (ACC) is a social-service organization that has provided services to Middle Eastern populations in Southeast Michigan since 1979. The ACC commissioned this report to provide recommendations to begin the process of revitalization in the area surrounding ACC’s campus on Seven Mile Road in north central Detroit. We refer to this area as NorthTown, an area that includes the State Fair
and Grixdale Farms neighborhoods. This report outlines steps that ACC and others can take to create that environment and lay a strong foundation for future outcomes such as dense, multi-family housing and a diverse mix
of retail destinations along the Seven Mile Corridor, surrounded by stable and healthy neighborhoods. Our recommendations build upon assets that already exist within the NorthTown community, are in close proximity to major developments, and work with several long-time business and property owners along the corridor who have expressed a commitment to the area and a desire to remain in that location.


Katrina Chaves, Mitch Herz, Alexandra Horst, Caitlin Jacob, Dennis Johnson, Daniel J. DJ Mason, Derric Scott, Tung Yu Yeh


June Manning Thomas and Malik Goodwin


Community Partner: Arab American and Chaldean Council (ACC); Grixdale Farms Neighborhood Association; Residents of Penrose Village
Location: NorthTown
Pages: 103
Year: 2015
Topic: Housing, Community, and Economic Development Planning

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