Published: 2015

/ Student Work

From Needs to Opportunities: Strategies for the West Willow Neighborhood


In the West Willow neighborhood of Ypsilanti Township, Michigan the dedicated volunteers of the New West Willow Neighborhood Association (NWWNA) work to help their neighborhood grow and thrive from within. Meanwhile, the nearby Willow Run plant site is poised for development that may bring jobs and resources to the area, which will undoubtedly impact neighborhood residents. This change could mark the start of a new, inspiring era for West Willow. The goal of this report is to help West Willow residents productively address change by clearly describing existing conditions and needs, and identifying opportunities for enhancement. The bulk of the report is designed as a set of mini-manuals, which are meant to help the NWWNA move from needs to action by seizing opportunities to improve quality of life for neighborhood residents.


Mohamad Diab, Nelida Escobedo Ruiz, Arielle Fleisher, Yu-Hung Hsiung, Elsa Ibarra Albizu, Brandon Kovnat, Cheng Kuan Kan, Albert Lee, Matthew Lonnerstater, Terra Reed, Elise Ross, Danielle Thoe, Sara White  


Ana Paula Pimentel Walker, Eric Dueweke


  • Community Partner: New West Willow Neighborhood Association 
  • Location: Ypsilanti Township
  • Pages: 213
  • Year: 2014
  • Topic: Community Development Planning

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