Published: 2012

/ Student Work

Blight on the Block: A Resident’s Guide to Reducing Blight


Residents of the Skillman Foundation’s Good Neighborhoods in Detroit have expressed rising concerns about blighted physical conditions that appear dangerous to children and often lead to more blight–derelict structures near schools, illegal dumping, vacant houses vulnerable to stripping, structures awaiting demolition that pose fire hazards, and houses that harbor drug dealers and other criminals. With little city government capacity to address blight, residents have to address the issues themselves. This manual uses success stories from residents and places the possible interventions in the context of a plan to tackle blight strategically.


Billings, Carlson, Carter, DeCamp, Lam, Obumba, Schneider, Zhao


Dewar, Dueweke


  • Community Partner: Technical Assistance Center and Skillman Good Neighborhoods
  • Location: Detroit
  • Pages: 172
  • Year: 2012
  • Topic: Housing + Community Development, Environment + Land Use

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